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The Ideal Client Map

Delivering Value to Your Customers Starts With Identifying WHO Those Customers Are

What is the difference between a target audience and an ideal client?

be on target

The Ideal Client Map is a visual tool and training that helps you 'see' the emotional relationships of your Ideal Client (IC).

Without a visual tool it takes a ton of brain power to keep all the data, and the emotional relationships, on 'top of mind'.

Stop using words to keep track of emotions and the emotional triggers.

Start using visuals to make it easy.

Start creating MORE value, BETTER content, and AMPLIFIED presence...

simply by understanding your Ideal Client on a deeper level.

Domains Done Differently

I help busy people understand and keep control of their domains in their own account.

.COMs for $11.99 per year

Not only the first year, but every renewal afterwards too.


Websites Done Differently

Don't worry about your website being hijacked or lost.

I help folks keep ownership of their website.


Technology Coach

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"I help first time course creators navigate technology so they can easily publish their course online."

A Technology Coach helps individuals navigate and utilize various technological tools and platforms to achieve their goals. In the context of struggling first-time course creators who want to publish a live sales page quickly, a technology coach can provide guidance and support in selecting the right tools, setting up the necessary integrations, and overcoming any technical challenges that may arise. Their expertise can empower course creators to confidently leverage technology to efficiently and effectively launch their sales page quickly.

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